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Beautification and Aesthetic Medicare

Mainly involve

Skin care and
Facial beautification, Melasma(Pigmentation on face by application of Tri-Luma cream for long term)
Prevent Sun ray exposure by physical means or
By Sun Block or Sun Screen
Plastic surgical means
Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injection into the skin creases
May last for 4 to 6 months, may repeat for prolonged effect
With laser

Plastic surgery

Blepharoplasty –
Removal of excessive unwanted tissues from upper and lower eyelids and making artificial crease at upper eyelid
Facial lift
To reduce facial creases to look younger
Nasal bridge correction (Rhinoplasty)

Facelift surgery

More wrinkles in older age due to:
Muscles of the face become weaker and slacker, and the skin becomes less elastic.
Genetics plays a major role but environmental factors, such as excessive sunbathing, smoking, pollution, gaining and then losing a substantial amount of weight.
Worry and stress create lines that portray tiredness and greater age to the outside world.
All these can be corrected by facelift surgery in age range of 40 to 80 years

Side effects and potential risks:

Bruising may take several days to be disappeared
Risks of anaesthesia
Slight chance of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
can damage facial nerves that can lead to muscle weakness and a numb feeling.
keloid scars or suffer hair loss around the incisions
can also result in asymmetrical ears

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Mungkin Aku Tak Cukup Bagus lagi...........

Assalamualaikum n Hai everyone...

Aku xtau nak citer pe sbenarnye..cume yg aku tau n aku rse aku terlampau penat smggu due ni..pkl3,4,5 kdg2 6pg bru aku bleh tdo..slain drpd aku wat keje aku sdiri (Medic assgment, iD advance ideas development, Multimedia Interactive), aku jg tlg wat keje2 final utk member aku sepenuhnye..aku bukannye baik sgt nak tolong sume tu( bkn xikhlas), tp aku xmampu nak mnolak stelah dieorg dtg ngn muke ksian n tension thap brutal.

Jd, dah dieorg dtg mtak tlong..aku tlg jela dgn stakat mne yg mmpu aku tlg..bkannye member2 aku ni xtau aku pn ade keje, xkan xde member2 lain yg bleh mtak tlg..jwpannye, member2 lain lg bnyak keje drpd,dgn memikirkan sume tu, akula yg kurang ade keje sket ( aku xambik PTA lg sem ni, so rilexla sket dri org lain)

So, kerana penat memerah otak membuat design shgga pkul 3,4 pg kdg2 smp pkul body n brain become so tired..dat,s y la amnjak 24 mnjak ni aku ssah nak bgun pg (tp,kire ok lgla dri roommate aku)..jd, aku slalu sdikit terbabas. Tp, yg mnjadi mslahnye ialah aku da jnji ngn seseorg tu dan org tu amat tegas dgn, bile aku terbabas dri mse yg tkah dijanjikan, aku trpksela hadapi muke muncung n bebeloginye..tahan tlinge, aku xkisah cz aku bkn terlampau lwat pun..oleh kerane die tu terlampau tgas ngn mase, aku lwat 5mnit pun die rase mcm aku lwat 30mnit..smue bende da xsempat nak wat aku ok..da die mmg mcm tu aku nak wat cmne...redha n bersyukur jela..=)

Kisah aku terbabas ni bkn skali utk smggu due ni..aku rase da 3kali da..nak djadikan citer yg aku terbabas kali ke3 tu..die xcakap ngn aku stu hari...akupun mlas nak layan, aku biar je (bkn aku xnak pujuk, tp memndangkan aku penat n letih, mood xstabil, aku tkt aku jd kurng sabar) so, lbih baik aku biar n senyap je( kdg2 utk mnhadapi situasi tegang, berdiam diri adalah lbih baik)..bkan berdue lbih baik...

Jd, ble kteorg untalking each other, mkan pun masing2la (slalunye aku akan sediakn dinner utk kterong)...aku msg gak die tanye nak mkan ke x, die ckp da mkn megi..aku lege sket cz die da mkan wlpun megi. Aku pn mkn megi gak mlm tu (2bngkus)..

mnjelang pg esknye plak (hari ni), situasi bertmbah tegang..dlm hampir pkl 11pg die msg aku "lapanye.."..aku rply tp xdpt..krdt da xpired..maxis aku pn da smggu xpired..aku xleh wat pe2..11.30 die msg lg kte lapa (mse tu aku da siap n ready nak kua cfe)..aku ktuk blik housemate aku nk pnjam sms..member aku xdela plak....aduuhhh mcm ne nk wat ni..dah xtau nak watpe aku pn pg ke blok die tggal n ktuk tngkap blik die (tp xde respon)..

Oleh kerana xde respon, aku blik smule ke rumah aku n alhamdulillah housemate aku bru je blik..aku pnjam phone die n trus call mygirl but no answer..aihh mrajuk dah ke..lpas tu aku pun msg sruh die jua cfe mkn n aku 2ggu die kt cfe (mse tu jam mnunjukkan 12.10tgh)..aku pn pgla 2ggu die kat cfe..2ggu pnye 2ggu die xkua2..dlm pkl 1 lbh die cal aku n bertanyekan stu soalan yg bagus " u sruh i kua cafe ke? "..aku sabar n dgn tenang aku jwb " yela, da lme 2ggu ni, jomla mkn"..aku anggap nada aku xmrah mase tu wlpun dah mnunggu hmpir sejam..aku tnye die mbace msg ke..die jwb die wat keje kt kua, phone die tggl kt blik, xdngar..emmm, aku cube brsabar sesabar mngkin..aku sruh die kua cfe mkn die kte die da mkn sbb lme sgt 2ggu respon dri aku ( klu phone aku xexpired kredit @ hbis krdit, aku xpenah xblas sms die, so fkirla sket, cal jela)..

Bile die ckp die da mkn, aku sdikit kcewa n nak marah...yela, aku rsau die lapa(2,3 hari ni die mngadu slalu skit perut)..dgn xde kredit aku berusaha nak dapatkn die( pg ktuk tngkap, 2ggu member blik nak pnjam phone utk cal n msg die, pg 2ggu kt cfe hmpir sejam gara2 die buat keje kat lua n tggl phone kt blik)..sdetik aku trfikir."klula die kt tempat aku n wat sume tu" arghh aku xtau ape akn jd (fkirla sdiri), oleh kerana aku ni penjaga die, jd aku kenela bnyk2 bersabar wlpun kdg2 tu aku hmpir hlg sabar n sekali sekale termarah kt die),aku bkn marah sbenarnye..aku tegur supaye die xulangi ksalahan yg same....

So, memandangkan die da mkn..aku pun ckp kt die "xpela, i blik umah dlu,..wat penat je 2ggu"..aku pun blk mkn megi kt umah...

Aku harap die xmarah aku lg pasni..sekian...=)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Kenaf Plant No Longer A Cheap Agriculture Raw Material, Says Chin

By M. Saraswathi and Mahanum Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 14 (Bernama) -- Kenaf, a plant of the hibiscus family, can no
longer be considered a cheap agriculture raw material, Plantation Industries and
Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said.

Its stem produces a coarser fibre on the outer layer and a finer one in the core.
The plant can grow to 1.5-3.5 metres and has a long history of cultivation for its
fibre in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, parts of Africa, and to a small extent, South-
East Europe.

He said although earlier research centred on kenaf for animal feed, the ministry
has identified and prioritised the bio-composite sector with applications in the
building industry, car components, furniture and food packaging.

"Apart from the growing trend to go green, it will allow us to link kenaf prices to
petroleum prices as kenaf is a potential substitute for petroleum-based plastic
raw materials and high carbon footprint artificial fibres (glass fibre and plasticbased
fibres)," he said in an interview with Bernama.

Hence, he said, the ministry aimed to develop kenaf into a new sustainable
source of growth to diversify Malaysia's commodity sector and ensure that it
fulfilled the economic, social and environmental development agenda.

"The ministry has identified kenaf as a potential crop to replace tobacco,
especially on the Beach Ridges Interspersed with Swales (BRIS) soil along the East
Coast of Peninsular Malaysia where the major tobacco growing areas are

"If the plant is well taken care of by using some level of fertiliser, it can grow
profusely in sandy soil found in Kelantan, Terengganu, some parts of Pahang as
well as Johor
," he said.

Chin said the shift would be a great help for tobacco farmers as they would be
less competitive once the Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) Free
Trade Agreement took effect in 2010.

"Currently, the tobacco farmers are given a guaranteed price. A majority of
them will not be able produce tobacco leaves competitive enough for the
industry to buy from them as compared to other Asean countries," he said.
Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (upstream) and
Universiti Pertaninan Malaysia (downstream), together with a number of other
related agencies, spearheaded earlier research on kenaf under the auspices of
National Economic Action Council.

The National Tobacco Board (NTB) worked closely with these two institutions and
other research and development institutions like Universiti Sains Malaysia,
Standards & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia and Forest Research Institute
of Malaysia as well the East Coast Economic Region Development Council
and the private sector.

He said the result of such close collaboration among these parties was the
formulation of East Coast Economic Region (ECER) Kenaf Master Plan, a joint
master plan with NTB to develop 10,000 hectares of kenaf in the BRIS soil under

Chin said this also involved the identification of four anchor companies to
collaborate with NTB and ECERDC to spearhead the initial commercialisation of
kenaf with products ranging from bio-composites, insulators and natural fibres.

He, however, declined to disclose the names of the anchor companies.

Chin said there were initial reluctance and lack of confidence by the tobacco
farmers as kenaf was a new crop and foreign to most of them.

He said the approach taken by the NTB was to develop demonstration farms
and to undertake verification trials with the farmers.

"An integral part of this approach is to site processing factories in the growing
areas to provide the confidence of a marketing channel in the local community.

"As kenaf is less lucrative than tobacco growing, maximum mechanisation to
reduce the drudgery of manual farming and to increase incomes through larger
scale farming is crucial," he said.

Kenaf growing, he said, was not so demanding and the crop was less sensitive to
weather and this was also a plus point to attract farmers operating in a
challenging agro-ecological environment like the BRIS soil.

"In 2007, we had 92 farmers planting 285ha of kenaf in Kelantan/Trengganu for
core and fibre, while in Kedah/Perlis we had 68 farmers planting 152ha for kenaf

"Kedah and Perlis have been identified as suitable regions for seed garden under
the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) and the NTB has earmarked
these two states to produce quality kenaf seeds for the country.

"This year the number is expected to increase to 250 farmers planting 1,200ha of
kenaf in Kelantan/Terengganu for the four anchor companies, while another 130
farmers will be planting 260ha for kenaf seeds in Kedah/Perlis.

"They will be the core and model farmers for additional plantings in the future.

As the industry expands, then it can go beyond the ECER to other states, which
have suitable land for kenaf," he said.

Chin said kenaf could be grown by any farmers, not necessarily in the ECER
region alone.

"The setting up of processing plant through the identified anchor companies is
very important to give the farmers the confidence of being able to market their
products. Efforts to increase yields and reduce cost through mechanisation will
also make kenaf an attractive crop," he said.

Kenaf, he said, could be harvested every five months.

"This will ensure a whole year income and one such cropping system proposed
by an anchor company is a kenaf with corn cropping system to support output
of cattle feed.

"The inclusion of a suitable food crop in the annual cropping system will be an
additional incentive for the farmers to participate," he said.

Chin said the other approach to attract farmers to kenaf was to move away
from the traditional buyer-seller relationship of contract farming system, and
replace it with the "contract farming plus" system where the farmers were
partners instead of mere raw material sellers in the supply chain.

"This will ensure the farmers derive additional benefits from value adding,
employment in the processing activities and profits from downstream activities.

"In return they will be committed to their buyer partners in ensuring adequate
supply of quality kenaf. As kenaf is a blue ocean industry not constrained by
traditional producers, it is easier to encourage the downstream players to adopt
this win-win approach," he said.

He said tax incentives and grants could be provided to further encourage it and
it was heartening to note that some of the anchor companies were positively
pursuing this approach in their business plans.

"Finally there is a need to develop the support services to assist the farmers and
these include specifications as well as price structures to ensure a fair marketing
system for all," he said.


When He Fall in Love

This is a true story that happened in my life a year ago. The story was about the love story that happened to my best friend Zarie.

This story was happened in our campus. Zarie was my very closed friend.We live at Kenanga college in a double room. Everyday,everywhere and everytime we’re always together. We are studied under same faculty , “Faculty of Applied and Creative Art” and in the same deparment ,“Design Technology Department”but in different course where he studied in graphic design and I studied in industrial design.

Lets begin the story. The story was began when we are first time came to Sarawak and enter Unimas. To celebrate the new students, Unimas was held ‘Orientation Week’. First, they were start the orientation at each colleges. After the orientation of each college,we have another one orientation and it was the orientation of our faculty.

During the orientation of faculty, we all the new students was devided in 17 groups where it were seven to nine student each group. We got so many assembly to ensure that our orientation were smooth and successful. At the second assembly, my friend Zarie was known with a cute and sweet girl from “Fine Art Department” and they become a new friendship relation. Her name is Lieya.

After the orientation night, they became a best friend and very closely...always calling at night,sms and go out for shopping and watching movie at weekend. That time, I can see that he very happy friends with Lieya. Lieya were a small cute girl,sweet,white skin,very kind and caring…such a good girl that I ever met.

Day after day,time pass away, his relation with Lieya was so far so good. Three months later, project assignment was too much,they all very busy each other. They have no time to met, talking and enjoy their life like before. For a long time they never met, they are so missing each other and my friend Zarie felt that something incomplete in his life. He so very missing to see Lieya,..see she talk,walk and smile. He so confused about that feeling. After that, he come and see me to told me about his problem.I just smile and ask him a question “ Will you still ok if she disappeared from your life?” and he answer me “ oh! My goodness..what the question is it..oh please, I don’t want to lost her in my life, please…. I need her. After he answer me, I told him that he fell in love with Lieya now. He ask me “ what should I do now? And I told him that he must be honestly and tell Lieya about his feeling.

A week after, he brave himself to meet Lieya and told her. Obviously, He got the green light from Lieya when Lieya said that she will give the answer by tomorrow. Waiting for tomorrow was like waiting for a year. He doesn’t eat well,doesn’t sleep well and honestly I said that he unwell.

The day was come around,.Lieya came to our college with the answer. I left they both for discuss and decide about their life. After thirthy minute I saw Lieya wake up and go away,.my friend Zarie still sitting on the chair and stare to Lieya without saying any word until Lieya was dissaper from his looking. That time, I feel like something wrong has happened and rushly I went to Zarie. He silent and his face like people was in a big frustrated. I asked him about what happened and he answered me with the simple answer that Lieya said NO. I asked him again for why and he answer me that Lieya very loved with their friendship and she don’t want to be more than that..she was not ready yet and got no reason to love her very best friend..she can’t do that. As a boy best friend, I tried to cool him and advice him to be patient. I told him that he not doing any mistake and this was a destiny..may be someday,someone will come and become your life partner forever..that unimpossible will happen.

Day by days,week by weeks, Zarie go on his life with a little frustrated. His relation with Lieya was not smooth and happiest like before. It was like having a gape between their both. They still contact but not much like before. They still met but it was only for something really important.

At the last month for that semester, our faculty was organized an annual dinner. As the preparation for the dinner, me and Zarie go out for shopping clothes to wear on dinner night. The dinner was come, and it was held at four stars hotel. At dinner hall,we sitting at second back table. The next table was my friend Zana and another her classmate. The dinner was running smoothly and at the end of the function, we had the photography session. After the session, Zarie come to me and he told me that he just got the phone number from a girl and he show me that girl. That girl was the girl that sitting next to zana just now. She was middle tall,white skin and sweet. I told Zarie that she quite good looking and look like a good girl. Zarie just smile to me and said that he know what I meant.

Semester break was began, two months without do anything was so bored until the class start again in new semester. New semester was shocking me. It was not shiock about the study but It was about my friend Zarie. He was couple with that dinner girl…oh my was too fast. I ask him for how they become a couple, he hold my hand and take for sitting. He said it was a nice and sad story. He said that on last semester break he tried to contact with that girl and he got a good respon. They know each other and become a friend for the first. But, when they always sms,call for along semester break, they was knew for each other deeply and very well. They sharing everything, about the pass life,bad experience,sad and happy for each other and at the end their realize that their both got chemistry. For what they faced before, the bad and sad experienced, they knew that they need a people that can give the true love and share everything to rest the life forever and now, that people was come to each other and they can’t hide the feeling each other,so they decide to begin a new life together.

Now, everyday and everywhere, happy and sad, they always together. I can see that Zarie was very comfortable with the girl and his life was become cheerful and happy go lucky. I said to him “now you know how you feel when you fall in love” He smile and thank a lot to me and said “you’re always be my best friend man”.


Safe Sex

Hai i want to share an important knowledge with u al..its not meant i want to stimulate and teaching u all for havin sex or got free sex..but i think this is really good and important knowledge that everyone should, plez read and understand...=)

Safe sex


Safe sex is about:
01. preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
02. avoiding unintended pregnancy
03. staying emotionally healthy.
04. Although safe sex practices can be used as a form of family planning, the term refers to efforts made to prevent infection as well as conception. Many effective forms of contraception do not offer protection against STIs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infection
01. Sexually transmitted diseases (also called STDs or STIs – (sexually transmitted infections) are infections that can be transferred from one person to another through sexual contact.

Common STDs
01. Chlamydia
02. Gonorrhea
03. Herpes Simplex
05. Human Papalloma Virus (HPV) & Genital Warts
06. Syphilis
07. Trichomoniasis

Less Common STDs
01. Bacterial Vaginosis
02. Chancroid
03. Granuloma Inguinale
04. Lymphogranuloma Venereum
05. Molluscum Contagiosum
06. Mucopurulent Cervicitis (MPC)
07. Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU)

Clinical Features – STDs


For women, symtoms may include:
01. burning while urinating
02. vaginal discharge or a change in normal discharge
03. bleeding between menstrual cycles, or during/after intercourse
04. increase in pain during menstruation or during intercourse
05. abdominal or lower back pain
06. occasionally causes fever and chills

Symptoms for men may include:
01. itching of the penis
02. pain while urinating
03. discharge from the penis
04. in some cases, there may also be pain or swelling of the testicles
05. About half of men will have no symptoms and many will have only mild symptoms.

Symptoms of rectal infection (men and women)
01. Discharge
02. Redness
03. Painful bowel movements
04. Itchiness
05. Gonorrhea - Gonorrhea is one of the most frequently reported STD. 40% of it's victims contract PID if not treated, and it can cause sterility.
- clinical features similar to Chlamydia.
06. Hepatitis B - A vaccine exists, but there's no cure; can cause cancer of the liver.
07. Herpes – Vesicles. Painful and episodic; can be treated but there's no cure.
08. HIV/AIDS - First recognized in 1984, AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death among young men and women. The virus is fatal involving a long, painful death.
09. Human Papalloma Virus (HPV) & Genital Warts - The most common STD, 33% of all women have this virus, which can cause cervical or penile cancer and genital pain.
10. Syphilis - Untreated, can lead to serious damage of the brain or heart.
11. Trichomoniasis - Can cause foamy vaginal discharge or no symptoms at all. Can cause premature birth in pregnant women.

Less Common STDs

01. Bacterial Vaginosis - Causes pain during urination, and untreated can result in kidney failure.
02. Chancroid - A large, painful blister or ulcer which appears in genital area; may rupture.
03. Granuloma Inguinale - Causes painless ulcers which enlarge and easily bleed.
04. Lymphogranuloma Venereum - Rare in the United States; causes lesions, aching and abscesses in the groin.
05. Molluscum Contagiosum - This virus causes smooth, shiny lesions, which must be individually removed by a doctor.
06. Mucopurulent Cervicitis (MPC) - Causes discharge from the cervix, can result in PID or miscarriage in pregnant women.
07. Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU) - Afflicts men and causes urinary problems, can be caused by chlamydia.

How does STIs passed to another person?

These can be passed from person to person through:
01. vaginal sex
02. oral sex
03. anal sex
04. close sexual contact
05. some can be passed from a mother to her child during pregnancy or childbirth
some can be passed from person to person through sharing needles or injecting drug equipment.

What are the Risks?
01. Sexual Behaviour and Risk Levels
02. Different sexual behaviour carries different STI risks:

Red light
(High Risk)
- Vaginal or anal intercourse without a condom

Yellow light
(Low Risk)
- Unprotected oral sex
- Sex with a condom
- Protected oral sex using a condom or dental dam

Green light
- Masturbation with or without a partner
- Abstinence

Prevention of STIs

01. The only form of safer sex is to abstain totally (not have sex at all)
02. Avoid multiple partners
03. Correct and consistent use of condoms
04. Use of Spermicide for bactericidal and viricidal properties.
05. Avoid sex with people who have symptoms of infection.
06. Those who change their sexual partners frequently regular check-ups (three-monthly)
07. Once develop symptoms seek medical advice as soon as possible.
08. Notify partners and screening for partners
09. Saving Sex for Marriage

Contraceptive methods

01. Oral Contraceptive Pill
- With proper use, the Pill is 99.9% effective, making it the most reliable contraception available.
- However, there is a 3% user failure rate.
- The Pill doesn't protect against STIs

02. Condoms
-are 97% effective,
-they protect against most STIs if used consistently and correctly.
-Condoms are the only contraception that can prevent STIs.

03. Female Condom
a. It's the only contraceptive controlled by girls that protects them against pregnancy and STIs.
b. Used perfectly, the female condom has a failure rate of 5%.
c. Spermicide
-contain a chemical called nonoxynol-9.
-form of cream (only for use with diaphragms), gel, foam, film, or suppository.
- By themselves, spermicides are not a very effective method of birth control. For this reason, they should be used with another form of contraception like condoms.
- Benefits
*Along with protecting against pregnancy, spermicide also can protect from bacterial infections and pelvic inflammatory disease.
*used as an emergency contraception

Injection (Depo-Provera™)
01. It is 99.7% effective in preventing pregnancy,
but it can also weaken a woman's bones.
02. Not recommended for teenager

Intra-uterine System (Mirena)
01. The intra-uterine system (IUS) provides reliable, reversible contraception for up to five years.
02. This hormonal method of contraception is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy

Contraceptive methods-less effective

01. In this method, a man withdraws his penis from a woman's vagina before ejaculation
02. Withdrawal really isn't that effective because there may be sperm in the pre-ejaculate.
03. It has a failure rate of about 19%. This means that if 100 couples were to use withdrawal as their only method of birth control for one year, 19 women would likely get pregnant.
04. Withdrawal also does not protect a person from sexually transmitted infections.

Natural birth control methods
01. Natural birth control methods teach women to determine the fertile phase (typically 7 to 10 days long) of their menstrual cycle.
02. Fertile days begin with the first sensation of mucus at the vulva and continue until both the mucus has dried up and the waking temperature has been high for 3 days in a row.
03. To avoid pregnancy, women avoid intercourse on fertile days.
04. 95-98% effective with perfect use (user strictly follows rules to avoid pregnancy)
05. 75-88% for typical use (user may not always follow rules)

Other Natural birth control methods
01. Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is used by a woman who has just given birth and is exclusively breastfeeding.
02. Temperature Method a woman takes her waking temperature to identify a rise in temperature indicating ovulation has passed. Elevated waking temperature for three days in a row is considered confirmation of the post-ovulatory less fertile phase.
03. Rhythm (Calendar) Method is a much less effective natural birth control method. It predicts a woman’s fertile days using calculations based on the length of past cycles.

Contraceptive methods-others

01. Contraceptive Patch –new
- works similar to the pills

02. Diaphragm- A latex cap that covers the
cervix and prevents sperm
from swimming inside.
-failure rate is 4-8%

03. Cervical Cap
-A deep silicone cap that fits inside the vagina against the cervix
- failure rate 20-40%.

04. Contraceptive Sponge
-This disposable sponge containing spermicide -When used in combination with the male condom, the failure rate is only 2%.

Contraceptive methods-permanent

01. Tubal Ligation
for female

02. Vasectomy
for male

Emergency Contraception After Sex

Here are some situations in which EC may be appropriate:
01. had intercourse unexpectedly without contraception
02. forced to have sex or awoke to realize to have sex before
03. partner didn't "pull out" in time
04. had a contraceptive accident, such as a broken condom or slipped diaphragm
05. forgot to take birth-control pills for two or more days before having sex

Two EC methods to choose from:
01. a special formulation called Plan B
02. or a series of four contraceptive pills called the Yuzpe method
03. up to 99 per cent of women who use them are able to avoid an unwanted pregnancy

staying emotionally healthy

To stay emotionally healthy, be in control. It is up to you:
01. when to start having sex
02. when to have sex
03. who to have sex with
04. how to have sex
05. to have safe sex every time.
06. Saving Sex for Marriage

Source : FMHS,Unimas...

Wall Arts by FACA

2nd year Junior Collections

Senior Abstract Valuable Acrylic Painting

2nd Year Fruits Weaving

Senior Collage Painting

From the Plain Plywood...its become valuable arts..2nd year student

In Perspective Side Angle (Black & White)

Owner of Galleries...=)

Information as Simulation : Living With Abstraction

The curator of the 1985 Les Immeteriaux exhibition at paris’s Centre Georges pompidou, jean Francois Lyotard,used the exhibition to provoke question about contemporary states of artificiality and synthetic “nonbering” which grom uot of the instabilities and change inherent in postindustrial society where the primacy of the manufactured object has been dissolved into other states of energy (or microelements) rather than concrete metter: a “disappearance of the object” in favour of its artificial facsimile.

The exhibition space design as a labyrinthiantour of “sites” or hanging island, each wiyh a separate theme, interpreted and defined many of the major features of postmodernityaas a new moment in culture and offered a significant perspective of how the terms of our cultural condition and relation to historical and philosophical issues have brought about a crisis of outlook in the late twentieth century.

“A series of of key themes was brought forth and reiterated: the primacy of the model over the real, and of the conceived over the perceived. That we live in a world in which the relation between reality and representation is inverted was made clear by countless examples. Much attention was paid to the copy, to simulation, and to the artificiality of our culture.In fact, Les Immateriaux suggested nothing so much as our common fate in living with abstraction.”
For example, completely artificial flavoring, fragrances, experiences-an in version of former experience of “the real thing” as part of new but artificial states. The exhibition’s dramatically lit theatrical spaces, where suspended odjects and images loomed out of the darkness, demonstrated the already pervasive artificiality of our present existence –for example, Site of simulated Aroma, Site of All the Copies, Site of the Shadow, Site of the Indiscernables, Site of undiscoverable Surface.

Due to current strong interest in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, the mind itself is under study. There is now an especially strong empetus to understand its functioning more precisely. So far, it has been possible to imitate only the most primitive aspects of the human voice or of behavior.

The Postmodern self is transformed and atomized. It is seen as a multilayered complex which represent a new diversity of understanding encompassing multiple heterogeneous personal domains sheared away from conscious life. This suggest that there is no one single platonic “truth”, but many vantage point to experience-not a single truth, but only many aspects.
This remarkable shift toward decentering personal perception (which has gradually taken place over the past decade) marks a new period whose special effects we are only beginning to discover. It Characteristics, for example, are like those brought on by the too-rapid consumption of information (as in tv, newspapers, and magazines, where real events are homogenized and equalized for fast perusal) where the individual has lost the power to respond to any of the material he is consuming. The poet Archibald MacLeish warned as early as 1958 “We are deluged with facts,but we have lost, or are losing our human ability to feel them.

source : FACA Arkib

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wake up girl...

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone....

This morning i want 2 share a short story..

I wake up @ 10.30a.m this morning, after done a few minutes of push-up and seat-up, i prepared for going to TMT1013 lab session. After having shower rushly (coz the lab session begin @ 11.00), i walk to my room. In my way i heard someone like knocking the door, i try to find who's but, theres nobody i can see. The knocking still suond, i feel confusing...and after i open my room door, i'm shock for a while..the sound is from my room window, and the sound is so louded . I'm monologue..who's that behind..

So, i walk to the window..i just in towel that time..when i slide the curtain,.owh my goodness, thats a girl..and more shock is that girl is my girl..huhuhu,.i feel ashamed coz i'm just in towel that time..

I open the window and ask what she want..she ask me back..can you be quick? do you know whats time now?...i answer said to her wait a while and i dress up...when i dress up, she was looking in my room and give some comment..and one question..what the room is it?..i just answered this is studio...

Then, after i ready, i just told her to wait beside the cafe. I will go there and we going to lab 2gether...thats al the story...hehehe

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unimas Clouds

View from Cempaka College
Unimas symbols (Twin Tower)

Love Bridge

Golf Club

Main Entrance

Road to Unimas

Golf Training Court...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Kids


Table Manners


01. Knowledge on table manners
and eating styles

02. DO’s and DON’Ts

01. Knowledge on table manners and eating styles

Formal Table setting involves with :

a. Glasses (Red, White, sherry and water)
b. Forks (Seafood, Salad, Dinner and Dessert)

c. Spoons (Soup, Dessert)
d. Plates (Butter, Side and Main course)


1. Wine (Red and White)
2. Martini
3. Brandy
6. Old fashion or the rocks
7. Port or Sherry

Eating Styles

Two different styles :

01. American Style (Holding the fork on the left and knife on the right then shifting on holding position)
02. Continental Style (More common similar to American but no shifting on utensils)


Do place napkin on your lap
Do mention if the food is delicious
Do leave fork & spoon at finished position
Do remember food on Lt , drinks on Rt
Do eat & drink without fuss
Do avoid looking greedy
Do use serving spoon when dishing out
Do restrict alcohol not more than 2 glasses
Do thank your host before leaving
Do push in the chair before leaving
Do dress accordingly, better overdress
Do introduce and converse with Rt & Lt
Do abide by local customs & Religious pr.


Don’t wipe mouth with hand while holding knife/fork with another
Don’t gesture with knife, fork & spoon
Don’t pick cutlery that dropped
Don’t ear neighbour’s salad
Don’t place purse/handbag on the table
Don’t talk with mouth full
Don’t shout across the table
Don’t talk and laugh loudly
Don’t reach across for a dish
Don’t chew noisily, eat quietly
Don’t eat with your knife
Don’t stir your tea/coffee too loudly
Don’t talk during entertainment


After knowing about table manners, you will have more confidence on attending grand banquet functions

Prevent yourself from being embarrassed when it comes to table manners and eating styles

Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Principles

For this post..i will give 2 important principles..i will give more in another posting

01. "Jangan Mencari Masalah, Kalau Ada Masalah, Jangan Lari Dari Masalah, Hadapi Masalah,..Jika Tidak Kita Akan Terus Bermasalah"

02. "Pentingkan Yang Lebih Penting, Kerana Yang Lebih Penting Adalah Lebih Penting Dari Yang Penting"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stress & Sleep Management

Stress Management.

Strategies (3As)

o Awareness
o Reading
o Learning
o Training

o Analysis
o Self-eveluation
o Evaluation from others
o Professional Evaluation

o Action
o At the individual level
o Effective Time Management
o Manage academic workload by listing & scheduling “things to do”.
o Prioritize them
o Balance lifestyle.
o Get physical exercise and stretch muscles when possible.
o Eat nutritiously and avoid excessive junk food, caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco.
o Get adequate sleep and rest, especially on longer assignments.
o Use time off for exercise, reading, listening to music,
o Apply stress reduction techniques.
o Reduce physical tension by taking deep breaths, calming self through
o Adopt positive thinking
o If you need some rests, go ahead!

o At a group level
o Do group exercise.
o Discuss your problems with friends.
o Delegate works to group members e.g. obtaining lecture notes for the entire class.
o Help & support each other.
o Develop positive attitudes e.g. celebrate together when you got A in mid-term exam.

o Professional level
o Seek professional help when necessary.
o Avoid taking or buying medication on your own!

Sleep management.

Some Tips :

o During the day:
o Avoid taking nap
o Avoid taking alcohol and caffeine
o Do regular exercise

o Establish regular sleep schedule

o During night
o Do not eat or drink too much before sleep.
o Do not watch TV if plan to fall asleep.
o Maintain clean and comfortable sleep environment.


o Stress is very subjective in nature.
o The best way to manage your stress is by developing self-awareness of your own action or behaviour.
o Stress can give some impact

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fuel Finished

Assalamualaikum n very gud mornin 2 al....
Hehehe..@celly, dis is a funny story..

Yesterday evening i went to laundry shop to take my apparels..then my fren Nick (the guy who got congrate from Tn.Haji 4 d presentation on tmt1013 yesterday) want to go to mini market at nearby Maktab Perguruan Kota Samarahan. We shopping some foods n snacks there..The day was raining dat time, after i paid 4 mine i just go n wait 4 Nick in the car..Nick so handsome today (wearing office wear - maroon long sleeve, black pant n shiny black shoes).

Then, in a few minutes Nick comes n get in the car. I just start the engine n drove back to Unimas..I dont think anything n just speed the car cz we just rent dat car just 4 an hour. Then the story was begin..the engine was stucking..i tried to press throttle deeply but the engine just going slowly n then stop working..arghhh the fuel was finished i said n it just happened 15metres away from Petronas station...

We relax for a moment,..then i tried start the engine again n the engine was on but stuck (just like people who got breathless)..i told Nick that we need go to the Ptronas station n asking 4 plastic bottle n buy the petrol...but, regretable there has no plastic bottle...arghhh..what to the moment Nick suggested to me to just push the car to the station..i ask him,'U alright Nick ? Not feel shy?..he just said i'm alright...

We al push the car to the station n the funniest is when al people at the station look at we al like them looking something weird.. owhh thats ashamed..i think they al looking at Nick cz he wearing office suit n suddenly come to station by push the car with fuel finished..i'm looking at Nick n he still cool n controlable...well done Nick..u r very confident guy...

Dats al 4 dis early mornin..hehehe..c u

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TMT1013 Mid-Term exam

This morning (9.00 - 9.45 a.m), i have done an exam....fuhhh..i can break 4 a moment but not, the core final projects still hold and need to be done by couple of, i need to find out the idea and try to apply on my final projects..4 now, i had 2 final projects that was given tast week n last 2 weeks n it will become 3 in maybe next, i need to well prepare 4 it.....fuhhhh,.i'd feel the pressure now..hehehe

Sunday, March 1, 2009


1st time i feel interested to watch Twilight when i saw clip video by Paramore - De Code....
This song is soudtrack of Twilight movie and its showed somes trailer from this movie that making me feel want to know more about the movie...
So, i set in my mind that i need to get either the DVD or watching it at the cinema...1st i go to cinema at Medan Pelita Cineplex but, the movie is not showed anymore coz it had release on december 2008 and the show period for this movie was pass...arghhh i'm a little dissapointed..but, it's ok, there's other way i can get that movie i think....
Then, i take a moment thinking how to get the movie...yeah!, of course, i got it..there's so many videos shop in Kuching, so, y not i'm going there and get the movie...yes, that's the, i went to videos shop at Tabuan Jaya. i'm not servey at Kuching coz my girl planned to enjoy meals at KFC, after enjoy the meals, i went to that videos shop and i got Twilight there...yuhuuu, i got it, i got it......
At home, i watched that movie wif my frens..the story is about loved bitwin a girl and a vampire...the story is quite good but the plot was a little slowed..anyway, for me overall is good...i give 4starz 4 this movie.....u beliv it or not?..get it n watch it...c u next time, bye2.....