Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TMT1013 "Final Episode" - Batch 08/09


Last lecture from Tn.Hj Syahrulnizam Junaini

Together We Are One...( our batch 08/09 )

Hurry2..take your place and posing...

Conclusion speech from miss senator...
2nd senator..

Colgate Commercial Break...hikhikhik

So Serious...or sad..=)

Jack look So an actor at Oscar...hikhikhik

Like Hippo...kuakaka

See my lip..mmmuuuaahhh

Observer and crowds

Best Director..( Peta Batu Merah )

Best Cinematography..( Crossroad )

Am i cute?...

Zenia Assistant...hukhukhuk

Best Crew...( Sinar, Peta Batu Merah & Crossroad )

ehem..ehem...siap kau wan..

The Judges...( Dr.Nick and Mejar Hariz )

Thank You very much to Tn.Hj Syahrul Nizam Junaini for all lectures of TMT1013..your effort in handling this course, we really2 appreciates...thanks again.
And to all my frenz, keep in touch with our blog and gug luck in everywhere you are...sayonara from me..thanks to all, thanks for everythings and thank you...bye2 =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Anak Emak" by - U-Wei...screening review

c ufo (after watched U-Wei film)

Press conference...(ulasan & sesi soal jawab)
Answering the question...

looking foward...

" 2 jenis filem yg ada di Malaysia, 1 - filem yg mngajak kite bermimpi, 2 - filem yg mngetengahkan realiti kehidupan masyarakat, dan saya buat filem yg ke-2", U-Wei.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Surface Design

Salam n hai everyone...

For my coming project, i wish to research n done surface material design for the modern interior furniture. I interested to specifiy my research into table or chair design...

For now, i need the ideas about what materials is suitable for surface design and i'm also need to think about the design look. Maybe for the design look, i will inspire from nature or figure or smethin else which interesting.

Talk about design, i can,t never skip the design concept..and for coming project, my design concept is " Modern Intelligence ". Its sound interesting but the production process is not easy and interesting like it sound..i need to research n specify a lots of things that relating to my project...

So, for those have any idea relating about this project...ples, leave your comment...TQ,.=)